Having worked for over 25 years in the Pharmaceutical industry, I have had the good fortune of working with many talented individuals. One of, if not the brightest, of these is Jonathan Retano. Jon possesses a unique ability and skill set due to his having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years and understanding the pain-points we sometimes face with data analytics and business intelligence. That experience, coupled with actually having the IT expertise to solve these real problems is something that is unique and sets him apart from the crowd. Having used many of his tools in the past, I can attest that Jon can deliver timely and effective solutions that are both user-friendly and stand the test of time.

Jon’s latest endeavor with Pharmafusion360° is sure to be a home run for all who implement it.

Kevin Sica

Associate Director Forecasting and Planning, Impax Labs

I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years at companies of all sizes. Quite frankly, to this day I have yet to meet anyone with the skill sets possessed by Jonathan Retano. You do not find someone with his vision, business acumen and technical skill. At every company I have worked at they have struggled to provide the business with meaningful, timely information. The one exception is when I had the opportunity to work with Jonathan Retano. When Jonathan told me he was starting his own pharmaceutical analytics company, my initial reaction was “It is about time.” I have witnessed the amazement at what he was able to so quickly provide for our business. He is a business visionary first, an analyst second, but he has the skills that you would except to only come from a large IT organization. The products and services he plans to offer pharmaceutical commercial operations are needed and have the capacity to transform an organization. Anyone who hires, partners or funds his company will be glad they did and disappointed they did not sooner.

Howard Marcus

Howmar Consulting

I have worked with numerous companies and data platforms that assist in improving efficiency of how their healthcare products reach customers and on how to streamline inventory management with customers as well as maintain a clean contract and chargeback data file. In many cases I had to deal with separate companies who harvested a single slice of the companies’ information and imported into their platform separately.

The data analytics tool that was created by Jonathan has the potential to revolutionize the pharma industry in numerous procedures because Pharmafusion360° takes all the data and comprehensively builds a corporate data analytics resource designed to improve corporate objectives.

With the menu of modules, a company can begin with the analytic components they feel they most need at the time and add others later, and it is all based on the data their company already has compiled or receives from their vendors.

Pharmafusion360° is a must see program and I would urge anyone within the small to mid-sized pharmaceutical industry to work with Jonathan and demo this product based upon their current and growing needs.

For my current responsibilities within the pharma world, including trade (wholesalers and retail), managing returns, market share, and market analysis for potential territory expansions, Pharmafusion360° has been invaluable.

Jim Libutti

Director of National Accounts, Stayma Consulting Services


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