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The Pharmafusion platform was created to address the frequent pain-points of pharmaceutical commercial operations. The following solutions can be utilized independently or integrated as part of a system.

TradeRx - Supply Chain

Wholesaler Inventory, Contract/Non-Contract Sales and Chargebacks. Your EDI data from 852, 867 and 844 brought to life to make your organization more effective.

SpydeRx - Competition

Monitor competitor activity in all the drug classes you compete in by daily notification of price changes, new entrants, generic equivalents linked generics and FDA filings.

Pharmafusion 360º

 Award-Winning, Enterprise-wide data warehouse and business analytics platform designed explicitly for Commercial Pharmaceutical Operations.

Scouting Rxeport - Business Development

Evaluating a product, What is the coverage, price history, etc.?

Forensic Returns Analysis

Gain deeper insight to all aspects of returns.

IlluminatorRx/SureyorRx - Managed Care

Gain visibility into how MC shapes your territories like never before.


RovRx - Returns

Optimization & Validation – Revenue Leakage Prevention,  Accrual Analytics

RaptRx - G2N

Gross To Net Revenue and Profitability Tool and so much more.

Concierge Service Analytics

Quick and easy access to subject matter expert.

ALLOW YOUR organization to do things it never could before at an unparalleled speed and scale

Integrated Data All In One Place

Pharma Acumen

Business Analytics

Data Mangement

Data Visualization


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